In the meantime

Round-lobed hepatica, liverleaf, or liverwort/Anemone americana. New York, April 2013.

Sakes alive! I have about 19 posts writing themselves in my head right this minute, thoughts on spring and motherhood and loss and gingerbread. But I’m struggling, a lot, to figure out when to write. Any magic tips or loving guidance?

I’ll be back here soon. In the meantime I highly recommend you make yourself and a pal some mint juleps and go raise your glasses in the evening sun. It’s not the answer to everything but it sure does help.

7 thoughts on “In the meantime

  1. Lee

    Well, I don’t write but with a kid I think the only option is to stay up late or get up early. Whichever your constitution fights less against. Good luck. I love your writing!!

    1. Lisa Post author

      Hi Lee!

      I think you’re right, although neither time is ideal these days. I have always been quite a night owl, but the latest I ever get to sleep in with A in the picture is until 6:30 maybe, which means I get very little sleep on late nights, so burning the midnight oil is probably not great for my body in the long run. I really enjoy getting up early too, but we’re going through a spell where the little dude sometimes gets up with me. If I stay in bed I can sometimes snuggle him back to sleep, but if I get up, well, then we’re all up at 5. I know this time will pass – along with lots of beautiful things about this season – maybe I just need to ride it on out.

  2. Mel

    I keep asking myself the same question. I am often writing when I ought to be doing something else. Not ideal, but sometimes the only way.

    1. Lisa Post author

      I think it’s okay! It is not possible to do all the things we love and need to do, much less to do them all well. Perhaps I am often choosing some other nourishing thing (a beer on the deck with my husband and the crew, a video with my little guy) or maybe some other less-than-nourishing thing when I could be writing?

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