In the meantime!

birthday sillHey, y’all. It’s been a while! I sure would like to do some more writing here. Of course we’re just weeks away from meeting our second child. So … we’ll see how it all plays out here.

But! In the meantime! I was delighted when Shari of the art of seeing things asked me to join her and some other wonderful folks in talking about our favorite reads of 2013. My post is up today, if you’d like to read it – and then make yourself some tea, cancel all your commitments, and dig back through this month’s archives. So much good stuff there.

3 thoughts on “In the meantime!

  1. nicole

    I haven’t read the book, but I have enjoyed the “call the midwife” series on pbs and my mum-in-law highly recommends, so … and who knows, you may be reading avec bebe, as I seemed to in the beginning days when we were up all night (and now I still do, once she falls asleep). thinking of you and hoping the wee one comes soon!


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